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Urban Institute for Strengthening Families


The Urban Institute is results oriented, and committed to helping mothers, fathers and youth achieve their goals and improve behavior, education, relationship, and personal/professional growth. We help accomplish these goals by exploring strategies and options that are practical and conducive for the families and youth we serve. Helping people to understand the various unique opportunities which exist for them, is the first step to eliminating barriers and introducing infinite opportunities. Self-awareness and empowering people to stand in their power by “Embracing their Truth” is a dynamic and transformational approach that can help break the cycle of generational poverty.

Our goal at the Urban Institute is to provide exceptional training in life skills, leadership development, team building, career readiness, coaching, rites of passage, responsible fatherhood education, drug awareness, exposure to “Mom as a Gateway not Gatekeeper”, Child Support, and navigating complex Health and Human services systems like Social Services.

We are partnering with banks, small business, and numerous organizations throughout the state to educate our customers on finance, money management, credit and how to elevate their understanding and decrease the mobility gap that exist for disenfranchised populations.

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Please support us and your community by donating to a 501 C-3 non-profit that’s committed to inspiring change through “Strengthening Families” and cultivating individual growth. Additionally, your purchase of the Urban Institute for Strengthening Families products is an investment in individuals, tools, and resources that provide our youth and adults with equitable opportunities to compete and add economic value to our local community.

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  • Volunteer your time and skills to help develop social enterprise with our customers
  • Make a commitment to remember Connections to Success in your will
  • Donating Professional Clothing

Economic Independence Is Goal

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Financial Literacy

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Social Enterprise

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