Empowering Communities By Strengthening Families.

The Urban Institute For Strengthening Families

The Institute is a holistic, family centered organization committed to empowering people and families to build sustainable communities that break the generational curse of poverty through fatherhood/manhood education, youth mentorship, workforce development, wealth, financial exposure and healthy relationships.
Strong Fathers

Strong Fathers

Dedicated to cultivating solutions for uplifting black families with a specific emphasis on black and brown boys and men.

Supporting Healthy Relationships

Supporting Healthy Relationships

Dedicated to creating an environment for individuals and families to optimize healthy environments by promoting integrated support systems established by educating families on communication, role modeling, self regulation, support systems, resources for stress, and...

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Dedicated to developing and cultivating young people ‘s growth through emotional wellness, social development, mental mastery and exposure to social capital assets that allow them to elevate comprehensively.

UI4SF eM-Power Programs

Workshop: 90-Minute Sessions for Leaders of Young Men (ages 11-21).

The workshop will focus on empowering facilitators of male youth development organizations to be able to inspire, empower and arm their program participants with customized resources that move them from surviving to thriving. Topics include: healthy communication, critical thinking, self confidence and co-creating solutions to community challenges.

The UI4SF youth programs are dynamic custom designed programs that intentionally build self-confidence, empower youth to identify and walk in their purpose, while teaching them to embrace their truth through self mastery. Our young people optimize leadership through exposure from mentors and sponsors who position them to leverage the social capital of our program sponsors. At UI4SF, we develop emotionally intelligent leaders who are committed to serving community and providing solutions to local and world problems. These brilliant young black and brown young men are aligned with strong moral, ethical standards, values and humanity that they model daily in their interaction with others.

Mentoring Program:

Rites of Passage:

Freeway to Elevation Fellowship: (10 Month Program)

Parenting Programs:

The UI4SF is a data driven organization that realizes the importance of Parents and their influence on our community. We have over 20 years of experience advocating for fathers. Our research on the perils of Father Absence has inspired us to facilitate fatherhood training that galvanizes community, empower our young boys and children. Thus, creating space for mothers to benefit from their increased engagement.

The UI4SF Motherhood Portal for Impact Academy is an institution that brings awareness to the power of becoming a gateway versus unnecessary gatekeeping creates a healthy ecosystem for children and families. A shift to navigating emotions and portals is a resource of empowerment for the youth and the entire community. The understanding of balance, communication, and the healing of self leads to a healthy sense of self.


UI4SF Fatherhood Institute:

UI4SF Motherhood Portal for Impact Academy:

UI4SF Transformational Life and Career Coaching:

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